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All About Us

We're VNO.

You are, too. We’ve traveled the world looking for really great wine, and now we’re bringing the best natural wines to your door. Whether you’re a wine connoisseur or looking for a flavor-forward red to serve next time you have friends swing by, we’ve got you covered.

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Why VNO?

Our wine club is focused on bringing you traditionally made natural wines from some of the best farmers and winemakers in the world. Today very little wine is made with grapes grown by generations of farmers respecting the crop, the soil and the earth. But pure, natural wines are still out there. We’ve found them. We love them. We’re ready to share them with you.

What people are saying

Natural wine is not new, it is what wine always was, and yes, somehow today it has become a rarity. It is a tiny drop in a big ocean, but, oh my, what a drop.”

Isabelle Legeron MW

A Better Bottle

Wine should do more than just taste good, it should be good – for you and for the environment. We only select wines made from naturally grown grapes following organic and biodynamic practices. With very little intervention, no chemicals or herbicides, low sulfites and no additives, you can feel better drinking natural wines at the table – and your body will thank you the next morning.

The Natural Wine Club

Take your pick: It’s almost time to sit back and enjoy some natural wines. We can’t wait to send the first shipment your way!