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So what is a natural” wine?

Why Natural Wine?

A lot of us ask questions about where our food comes from, but what about our wine? Unlike many commercially produced bottles, natural wines are grown organically and are free of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and synthetic fertilizers. Many of these wines also follow biodynamic farming practices, placing a precedent on a holistic and interconnected approach rather than a static, isolated practice. That’s important to us.

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Less Intervention

Given the right natural conditions and enough time, grapes that are smashed in a bucket and left alone will eventually turn into wine. Of course, in our modern society we’ve tried to speed everything up – mass-produced wines employ a variety of interventions and shortcuts to meet consumer demands, achieve uniform consistency and, well, sell more bottles. The result? The wine no longer reflects where it came from and the time-honored processes that make it truly special. Our wines travel a different path: they ferment slowly without the addition of sugar and with very minimal filtration. Nature takes the wheel and the producer takes a few steps back.

Dynamic Flavor

Many people describe natural wines as more vibrant and alive, with a fuller spectrum of flavor. We can’t agree more. Inherently lower in sugar, natural wines tend to be lighter, energetic and intensely flavorful. You may even taste a few of the minerals in each glass as the slower farming practices allow the vines to grow deeper and settle into the soil. Each glass expresses characteristics that can change from day to day and will taste, on one hand, familiar and on the other hand, entirely new.

Your Palette, Your Health

Are delicious wines made in harmony with the earth and your body too good to be true? We don’t think so. We choose organic, biodynamic bottles that are lower in sulfates and sugar. All of our wines are vegan, non-GMO, paleo-approved, and have very few (if any) additives. And bottom line? They taste amazing.

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The Natural Wine Club

Take your pick: It’s almost time to sit back and enjoy some natural wines. We can’t wait to send the first shipment your way!